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Interview with Temir Naziri & Pilar Arnáez on Radio Sefarad

In a recent interview with Radio Sefarad’s ENGLISH CORNER, Temir Naziri, the Executive Director of Arco Forum, and Pilar Arnáez, its Coordinator of Activities, provided valuable insights into the Protone Project, shedding light on Arco Forum’s role in this collaborative initiative. Co-funded by the Internal Security Fund (ISF) of the European Commission, Protone brings together eight organisations spanning five European countries. Arco Forum, from Madrid, is one of these organisations. During the interview with Linda Jiménez, the host of Radio Sefarad’s ENGLISH CORNER, Arco Forum’s representatives delved into the Protone Project’s significant initiatives. They highlighted the collaborative efforts undertaken by Arco Forum in Madrid to introduce Protone to the broader public, emphasising the importance of unity and cooperation in securing places of worship. Notable collaborations include partnerships with Casa Turca, Círculo Intercultural Hispano Árabe, Sharing Ramadan, Pueblos Unidos, and the Jewish Community Bet-El Madrid, among others.

SOURCE: ARCO FORUM is a Spanish non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote cooperation, tolerance, respect and intercultural and interreligious development through the establishment of genuine channels of communication and understanding with different cultures. Following this main objective, the association seeks to promote peace in the world and to contribute to a peaceful coexistence between different cultures, ethnicities, religions and races.

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