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Interfaith Symposium on Protecting Places of Worship:
Community Involvement and Awareness in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Traditions. Civil society, academic and management perspectives.

Reception with the Archbishop of Madrid

The day before the symposium, the Archbishop of Madrid met with the partners of the Protone Project at the Archbishopric of Madrid. He extended a warm welcome to everyone.
Read his inspiring speech below:

Toledo Trip

The partners of the Protone Project had the opportunity to embarked on a profound intercultural and interreligious journey to Toledo, organized by the Delegation of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations of the Archdiocese of Toledo. Participants had the opportunity to explore the historic heart of Toledo, visiting significant cultural and religious landmarks, including the magnificent Cathedral Primada, the Santa María La Blanca Synagogue, and the Cristo de La Luz Mosque. The day concluded with a period of free time for personal exploration and a return trip to Madrid. This journey eloquently showcased the spirit of unity and diversity inherent in Toledo's rich heritage.

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